Jack Bogan, ASTC Emeritus

Email: Jack@LandB.com

As a principal of Landry & Bogan from 1970-2009, Jack assisted in the architectural design of performance spaces, and designed rigging systems, special machinery, acoustical drape systems, orchestra enclosures, and lifts for those spaces.  Highlights include many theatres which are significantly flexible in production form, with minimal movable elements built at reasonable cost, which look and feel right and have good sight lines in all presentation forms.  Examples include the Old Globe in San Diego, the Mayer Theatre in Santa Clara, and the MiraCosta College Theatre with its unique central vomitory.

His last enterprise in the five years before becoming a theatre consultant was serving as Project Architect for DeMars and Hardison on the Zellerbach Auditorium and Playhouse complex at UC Berkeley, where Paul Landry and the late Ben Schlanger were his theatre consultants.

A registered architect working exclusively on facilities for live performance, Jack became an expert in the relevant building codes, ADA requirements, and the relationship and coordination of theatrical equipment and building architecture.

When the firm's first microcomputer appeared in 1978, Bogan became the firm's hardware and software guru until his retirement.  The firm's toolbox includes his programs for analyzing light levels from an array of luminaires, optimizing vertical sightlines on a probabilistic model, making an optimally staggered seat layout from section boundaries, simulating the maneuvering of a semi-trailer, etc.


Jack Bogan is retired from full-time theater consulting practice, but remains a rich design and historical resource to the firm.


BA (Architecture), Yale University, 1958


Principal of Landry & Bogan since 1970
Residential and commercial architectural experience 1958-1969


Registered Architect, California C-4090 (retired)
American Society of Theatre Consultants (Emeritus)