Center for New Media, Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake City, Utah


The project was part of 130,000 SF conversion of an existing school building into a home for the Center for New Media. Landry & Bogan’s work involved converting a gym and other large athletic rooms with 35 foot high ceilings into three separate studio spaces; TV/Broadcast Studio, Sound Stage for film and photography, and a Virtual Reality Room intended for new media forms. Each studio space can operate independently of the others. The studio spaces contain new stage lighting systems and new rigging.

The TV/Broadcast Studio has a fixed pipe grid with drapes on hoists on three walls surrounding the production area and additional hoists for permanent set walls. The Sound Stage has new catwalks and movable rigging pipes allowing for lighting or scenery to be located anywhere in the studio space. The Sound Stage also has a variety of drapes on hoists located on two walls which will allow for quick changeover of backdrops. The Virtual Reality Room is to be an experimental space for the teaching of new media formats.


Libby Haslam, GSBS Architects 375 West 200 South, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, Ut 84101

Construction Data

130,000SF overall,
budget $32M. 
L&B design responsibility limited to 7500 SF of studio space and equipment cost of approx. $500K