San Lorenzo Valley Performing Arts Center
Felton, California


San Lorenzo Valley High School had an elderly converted cafeteria as its only performance space and was planning to renovate it to better serve their students.

The budget was extremely small and the site had utilities and water easements restricting options. Despite these obstacles, the design team was able to show the District, with cost estimates, that a new building would be much better and could be constructed with the available funds.

Landry & Bogan and HMC Architects worked together from the beginning; meeting with users to determine the program needs and wishes, analyzing the existing building, exploring options for new construction on several sites on campus, and developing the concept design and cost estimate for the original site which became the accepted design direction.

The site and budget limitations were addressed with some creative solutions; a very tiny scene shop but a large, fenced concrete yard for outdoor building and storage, and a unique backstage restroom design with individual fully enclosed toilet stalls adjacent to unisex lavatory space.

The 213-seat space is nicely proportioned and intimate, with wide flat ramps for universal access from lobby to stage, which also serve as stage caliper extensions for performance use. The stage has overhead battens for masking, lighting and scenery and a fixed lateral catwalk that provides safe and convenient access to several battens and lighting positions, greatly reducing the need for ladders and lifts

Owner's Representative

Erik Slaughter, Dir. of Maint.
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District
(559) 327.9100


Steve Parker, HMC Architects

(559) 448.8051

Construction Data

11,900 SF of construction
$5.21 million
Completed 2015